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About Us


We endeavor to make your dream come true.


For us creating, designing and tying of turban is an alluring art.


Founded in the early 1960s, we are a team of creative individuals.

Our unique team

Our diverse team is undoubtedly unique and they help create your perfect pagdi. A zealous and a creative bunch, our team is our strength.
  • Jinesh Kothari

    Mr. Jinesh Kothari

    is the owner and the creative head of Shahi Taj.

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    Mrs. Reena Kothari

    is the wife and inspiration of Shahi Taj’s owner, Mr. Jinesh Kothari.

  • Jayant Kothari

    Mr. Jayant Kothari

    is the co-owner of Shahi Taj and the marketing head.

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    Mrs. Manisha Kothari

    is wife of Mr. Jayant Kothari and the production head of Shahi Taj.

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    Our story

    Our traditions and values are what keeps us whole. Therefore, we want to help people embrace their wondrous and diverse culture.